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Thanks for your interest and support for the MAPCO website. Please refer to the following prior to contacting me.

Questions - FAQs

I recieve a large number of questions every week, the shear volume of which is somehwat overwhelming. For the most part I am unable to assist with these enquiries, so here is a short list of questions and answers that may help.

  • Are prints of MAPCO maps available for purchase?
    No. The digital images are provided for free online access, but no hard copy prints are available. The process of production is too cost prohibitive.

  • Are CDs or DVDs of MAPCO maps available for purchase?
    No. Currently this service is not provided, as the website itself takes all of my spare time to maintain and update.

  • Requests to use MAPCO images on another website.
    These are not agreed to. The images are available free for everyone to refer to on the MAPCO website. This should be sufficient.

  • How much a map is worth?
    I am generally unable to answer these questions, simply because of the number of variables involved, which include the specific area of the map, the mapmaker, the date of publication, rarity of item, condition, market demand, and so on, and so on.

  • Requests for a specific map.
    The general focus of the MAPCO website in recent years has been the London region and South Australia. While I have the best of intentions to display a broad number of maps from various regions of the world, I have restricted time to spend on this hobby website, so there will always be a limitation to what can be displayed.

  • Terms of Use and other questions.
    Take a look at the Terms Of Use page. This should provide the answers that you seek.

  • MAPCO News, Mailing List or Blog.
    A MAPCO Mailing List is currently being investigated, and a MAPCO News Blog has just been set up.

  • Social Networking Sites.
    You can follow MAPCO on MySpace, twitter, and facebook using the links at the top of various web pages.


I would love to reply to every enquiry I recieve, but it is simply impossible. I do sincerely apologise if you are one of the very many people each day who do not receive a reply from me. I really do appreciate your messages, and do read as many as possible. Alas, responding simply isn't a realistic possibilty.

Advertising, Promotions and Reviews

I don't respond to those emails from hotels or toy manufacturers who want a link exchange. I will always try to respond to local or family history group requests, but it could take me a while. Please do be patient, or gently try again. I don't respond well to 'shouty' emails (actually, I just don't respond).

Contact Info

Still keen? Then you can contact MAPCO here.

Kind regards,

David / MAPCO



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